Annie Kallis

“I’ve known Yoram for 3 years and every time we connect, be in a live meeting or online, I always walk away with a breakthrough! I can say last year I had one of my biggest breakthroughs in my personal life thanks to him. Yoram loves helping people look inside of themselves on a deep level, brings in new knowledge from his continuous desire to learn and develop himself to be a better trainer for those he works with, has high integrity, is dedicated & committed to create positive transformation in those he works with. I very highly recommend Yoram’s services whether it is one-on-one coaching, group training or facilitating a program.”

Annie Kallis, Melbourne, Australia
Founder at Coffee Time Coaching

Nicholas Ugoalah

“When I met Yoram I just published my book “Whatever it takes – Face change, overcome obstacles and make your life extraordinary”. I wanted to create a workshop that shared the essence of my book with the public, to help people make their own lives extraordinary, but I had some questions and I needed some help. I contacted Yoram and he took me through a defined process that provided me with actual strategies for planning, structuring and delivering my event. I appreciated Yoram’s direct style, when challenges appeared, he was great at helping me sustain focus and keep away from overwhelm. As my workshop came closer Yoram was there to answer quick tactical questions. When the workshop started I had people in the room, I was clearly prepared and I knew where I was taking the room and my people. My workshop was a complete success! Yoram Baltinester is a master at helping people create workshops and seminars. His guidance and mentorship saved me from a lot of unforeseen problems. Thank You!”
Nicholas Ugoalah, Vancouver, Canada
5 times Canadian Wresting Champion; Member of Canada’s Wrestling Hall of Fame.


P. Valerie Dauphin

“Yoram Baltinester is a magical being, a wonderful soul to bounce ideas off of, to be heard and witnessed. He truly is a Personal Development Samurai and helped me get clear with the confusion I had about something important to me. I’m just sayin’… He put himself out there and offered, so I took him up on it and glad I did.

P. Valerie Dauphin, Los Angeles CA
Personal Success Coach & Dance Fitness Instructor,
Founder of,

Gagan Sarkaria

“Yoram Baltinester is an impactful, and results-oriented Coach. I have known Yoram for almost a year now and have had the opportunity to observe and learn from him in extensive, exhilarating and experiential Mastermind groups! He is one of my “go-to” colleagues, whose trusted, honest, authentic expert advice I truly care to seek, understand and apply. One session with Yoram, gave me the confidence to make some powerful shift in my thinking, and make decisions that could change my life. One of the decisions was to officially launch my elite training & development company and take myself and my business to new heights. What I understood from Yoram’s wisdom was that sometimes we have to take a different course or route to get to our definitive purpose in life, whether it is uplifting and empowering others as a CEO or as a daughter, wife, and a mother.

Gagan Sarkaria, MFA, MBA, Dallas, TX
Founder & CEO of Unfold Your Success™

Our upcoming event is filling up fast. Join now to change your life, your business and the world and enjoy :

  • Working with high level players at life
  • Creating alignment through all your areas of life
  • Create joint ventures, partnerships and life long friendships
  • Set in motion your success
  • Learn from some of the best teachers available
Your Teachers Are Worldwide Top Tier Trainers, They Come To LifeDesign™ To Inspire,
Teach And Get YOU Into Action.
Decisive Action!


IMAGINE every part of your life – your business, your spirit, your relationships, your body and your environment, all pulling you and your passion in one direction: SUCCESS AND FULFILMENT!

At LifeDesign™ you will create an ALIGNMENT that turns your passion to a sustainable reality. You CAN do what you love, experience it, and express it without starving and at LifeDesign™ we show you how you can share your brilliance with the world AND charge your worth!

To achieve that, you want clarity. You need to understand what is holding you back, AND know how to deal with it successfully.

Have you ever driven a car that was out of alignment? Remember the frustration? Feeling you can’t control it… putting so much effort and force and it STILL took you where it wanted.

You see, your life is the same. When your life is out of alignment you feel out of control, frustrated and no matter how much force and effort you put in, life still pulls you in a different direction than where you want to go and tears you apart from the inside.

So the KEY is to find that Alignment. Get All Areas of Your Life to Pull in The Same Direction – Your True North! And, that is when you Live Your Passion Every Day! That is what LifeDesign is about!

Are you ready to put life in high gear?

The bottom line is simple. It comes down to this: When every facet of your life is in agreement with all the other facets and they all facilitate you moving in the same direction, you achieve a High Performance Life. A life when you experience your brilliance every single day by expressing it, showing it and sharing it with others.

Are you ready to live a High Performance Life?

WHO is this for

  • You wish to build 100% clarity about your purpose.
  • You want to create complete alignment among all areas of your life.
  • You know there is a bigger game for you and you want to get there.
  • You feel trapped doing one thing while you wish you had the freedom to do something else.
  • You want specific, tangible, tactical, processes that you can take and use successfully right away.
  • You somehow lost your ‘self’ that you had years ago.
  • You feel that you want greater impact on the community around you.
  • You wish life could more fun and exciting and want to learn how to achieve that.
  • You want to start a new career based on your true passions and need a plan.
  • You seek higher truths and want to have success with authenticity and consciousness.
  • You have been to all the other programs and they did not work.

What our clients are saying…

In a Hectic, Confusing World You Must Keep Focus, Clarity and Integrity

You are committed to your family, your business and your success. You want to discover everything you can do to make it financially, socially and spiritually. You want that elusive 6-figure income. And you want to achieve it by doing something that you love and by doing it alongside friends and family.

The only problem is what exactly you need to do, and how to accomplish it. Sometimes the answers you got in the past slowed you down instead of helping you out.

It’s frustrating. Because God knows that you have been at it for a long time and you deserve it. Your family deserves it. And all the people that you can help deserve to get that help too!

I am Yoram Baltinester. I have been answering these questions for myself and for the people I worked with since the 1980’s. People who had the same questions like you do. People with the same mission to change their world and successful build businesses and happy families and thriving communities. I got to see a lot doing over 30 years in personal development teaching and training all over the world. I saw my trainees succeed and flourish. I witnessed amazing success and it all starts with Clarity and Alignment, every single time. Now I am here to transfer this knowledge to you.

During the 3 days of LifeDesign™ you will learn:

  • What are the two non-negotiable values that drive your entire life
  • How to create your personal rules that will keep you on track for good.
  • How to create sustainable alignment in your life – an alignment that does not crumble by the time you get back home from the workshop.
  • Why most people actively steer away from their goals and purpose.
  • Why most people avoid opportunity and success that is right in front of them.
  • How to recognize opportunity and success and go for it, not run from it.
  • How to use any good or bad thing that happens to you to propel you forward.
  • How to articulate your value and your message in such a powerful way that everyone gets it.
  • How to define, plan and create success in anything you like.
  • How to earn more money, making a bigger difference, having less drama and no stress at all.
  • How to move people to follow you to make a long-lasting difference spanning places, businesses, communities or the entire world.

This is a workshop, not a playshop. It is not a hyped rah-rah get-up-and-dance then run-and-buy event. I don’t like these, and neither should you. This is a get-down-to-business designing your life 3 day workshop. This is an experiential event where you and others transform life and business together.

When you graduate LifeDesign™ you will:

Have total Clarity

Your truth – your life – your purpose! We will help you write a Personal Life Success Formula that reflects you and your life. It creates a clarity about your purpose and your reasons as a means to highlight for you and others what you are committed to. It directs you to express who you are and share it with the world to make the most contribution to the people you serve.

Be able to identify your best clients immediately and powerfully attract them to you

Some people could be clients and some would even want to become clients but not all of them are who YOUR best clients are. How do you tell the difference? At the end of the workshop you will have that clarity of who you want to work with and what makes them YOUR best clients. With clarity comes power; the power to have these people attracted to you almost irresistibly.

Take Decisive Action

Decisive Action is in the core of what we teach. It is an action taken from the heart, based on your values and reflecting your personality. It is by far the most powerful expression of who you are that you can put forth and, it is the most effective action that will propel you and your business the fastest towards your goals.

Rid yourself of negativity

Have you ever had a conversation inside your head that sounded really negative? Negative about you, your motives, your purpose and everything in your world. A conversation that does not help. Of course you have, we all did at one point in our lives. I will show you how to curb these conversations and replace them with productive, positive patterns that facilitate instead of destroy and disrupt.

Create your foundation of success

You cannot build success on weak foundation. You can never plan for the long term without alignment in your own life and between you and everyone on the team. Your thoughts and feelings, your team, your clarity and plan are ALL part of your foundation for success.


Why Attend LifeDesign™?

Complete High Performance Life Blueprint

Fabulous networking with like-minded people

Facilitative support that gets you the experience and the tools to keep your momentum afterwards.

Why we are unique?

Because I have a different vision

My vision is a world where people experience their brilliance by sharing it. Too many trainers are here just to participate in this $19 billion dollars Personal development industry. I am not in that club. You see, I spent many years of my life in a job I did not like doing things that did not make me happy. I am committed to helping people pinpoint what makes them happy and live a life of doing that in a financially sustainable way. This means you. This means it is my commitment to help you do what makes you happy without sacrificing the quality of any other area of your life.

We do not consider you “a butt in a seat”

Have you ever sat in a seminar where from the get-go all the speaker does is drop hints to prepare you for the big sale at the end? Where they just enough to want more so they can tell you that the real meat will be in the next program? My workshop is not a sales event for the next program. We do not bring hundreds of people in because each person is “worth a few hundred dollars of post-sales”.

While we do sell other programs, at LifeDesign™ we deliver complete presentations that give you complete value. Even if you don’t take any other program we offer you will get unbelievable value that will change your life.


Transformation does not take long. You do not need to climb a mountain in the Himalaya and become enlightened. LifeDesign™ uses the principles of experiential learning to deliver immediate lesson that’s retained for a long-term. You learn by doing. You transform by experiencing yourself and your interactions. You take the microphone and by the time you sit down you have already shifted.

We cross Mindset, Skillset and Accountability

There are a ton of trainers out there who would work on your mindset and beliefs. They are typically immersed in the woo-woo aspects of the universe. Awesome stuff (Personally I love it) but coming back from their courses you got to wonder how to apply it all. Others will teach you the tips and tricks and enhance your skill set. And that only works if you have the mindset, right?

At LifeDesign™ we combine mindset, skillset and accountability, so you both believe in yourself AND know how to make things happen AND actually do it!


Yoram & Shifra Baltinester

Yoram & Shifra Baltinester

Shifra and Yoram Baltinester have helped thousands of people all over the world to increase their personal, family and business performance and contribute more to their communities and the world. Combining multiple platforms that they learnt during their 30 plus years in personal development Shifra and Yoram created multiple programs such as Decisive Action Workshop™ and LifeDesign™, as well as the High Performance Life™ and The Circle, a women mentoring program. Yoram is known as the Personal Development Samurai due to his fast, fierce and focused coaching sessions. Yoram’s coaching sessions inspire and motivate people to embrace and express their inherent brilliance for both their own benefit and the greater good of others.

My Personal Agenda

Why did I Produce (yet) another workshop?

I have been active in the personal development world for over 35 years. If there is one common thread of sadness among all the teachers I had the privilege to work with, it would be the low number of people who get what they came to achieve. I believe it is something we can actually do. And I am going for it. It requires a new type of workshop, and I am up to the challenge!

Why should YOU attend?

LifeDesign™ is the place to get clear on what you want, attain the skills to go after it, create your dream team, and set out on your quest. You should do it because you owe it to yourself and because you deserve it. And also because you can. You should do it because we are given a very short life on Earth and there is little reason to waste it. If you are reading this, you have a dream. Let’s go get it for you, together!

What do I hope to achieve?

I want EVERY person who walks into the workshop to be able to say 6 months down the road, and two years down the road “I got what I came to get at LifeDesign™”. That is my vision for the workshop. On a grander scale my vision is a world where everyone experience their own brilliance by expressing it, by sharing it with the world!

What can YOU achieve?

You have something that you are passionate about. You may find it in the workshop, or you may know it very clearly already. But your life pulls you away from it. It literally tears you apart from your own dream! No one should live like that. You can achieve an alignment where all the areas of your life support and facilitate you experiencing and reaching your dream, your passion. Fair enough?


March 12th, 2020 at 6:00 P.M. – Registration and Opening Session

March 13-15, 2020 – All day
On March 15th we will finish by 6:00 p.m.

VIP ticket – $997 per person   

Regular seat – $497 for a couple   

(payment plans available)

Let’s Get Started

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Yoram’s Guarantee

LifeDesign™ will not only meet your expectations – it will EXCEED THEM. If by the end of Friday you have participated in all sessions and exercises as directed and you are not blown away with the quality of the workshop and feel it is not worth what you paid to participate in it, let us know and we will refund 100% of your tuition!

This Conference fills up FAST and will sell out. I suggest that you save your seat NOW. LifeDesign™ is absolutely your next step for life and business. I promise you – I will personally help you get your life and business into high gear!

~ Be Decisive!